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Turn and Burn

Grade 4      Swing      Composer:Paul Baker      Price:$55     

full version  

Commissioned by the band director son of a Top Gun Flight School Instructor in memory of his father, this high powered swing chart starts with a vertical take-off and settles into a hard swinging tune. The saxes play the tune while the brass answer and support. The trombone section takes the spotlight on the bridge with a challenging soli passage. Tenor and alto saxes each have solo space and then stage a musical dogfight . An 8 bar drum solo sets up the Gene Krupa style “Sing Sing Sing” section. A brief sax soli follows before the full ensemble shouts its way to the finish. A brief quote from Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” (Top Gun Theme) is heard just before the final chord. Trumpet range is to written High D. Trombone range is to High Bb.