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Stan's Plan

Grade 4      Rock/Funk      Composer:Paul Baker      Price:$55     

full version  

This chart features a rock/fusion groove and is inspired by the harmonies of Stan Kenton’s Artistry in Rhythm as interpreted by the Brecker Brothers. After an intense funky 8 bar ensemble intro the chart settles into a hip fusion groove where the melody unfolds through layered textures. An emphatic ensemble send off sets up a screaming heavy metal guitar solo which is followed by a more fusion-based tenor sax solo. The sax section is featured next with commentary from the brass before the melody reappears in high fashion. The ending is a nod to the Kenton band theatrics, with a quote from Artistry in Rhythm’s trombone section to close out. Trumpet range is to written high D. Trombone range is to G.