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Quiet Time

Grade 4      Ballad      Composer:Paul Baker      Price:$55     

full version  

A soulful melodic feature for the Baritone Saxophonist in your band. Originally written for and recorded by the Dallas Jazz Orchestra on their album/cd Morning Glory. After a brief intro by the brass choir, the baritone sax enters with the melody, accompanied by bass and light cymbals. The ensemble enters gradually in support of the soloist and then takes over at the bridge with a lovely flugelhorn (optional) melody of its own before the baritone returns to finish out the form of the tune. Piano and guitar set up a growing pyramid of brass entrances which build to a big send off for the samba-tempo solo section. The baritone is joined by a trumpet soloist at the bridge and both intertwine through the second half of the solo section until the full ensemble returns in bravura fashion in the original ballad tempo. The baritone soloist then picks up the last phrase of the melody and the chart is closed with a brief trombone choir back to the tonic. Trumpet range is to written High E.