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Grade 4-5      Samba      Composer:Skiles/Arr. Baker      Price:$55     

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From the imagination of Robert “Beto” Skiles, this chart shows off the stylistic spectrum and musicianship of your band. Opening with a piano/gtr montuna riff that is quickly picked up by the horns, we’re soon presented with a lively melody and contrapuntal backgrounds. Naturally, this leads to – an acapella chorale. Returning, then, to the montuna riff, the brass builds up in polyrhythmic layers to launch a hot trombone solo, followed by alto sax and guitar or piano (or both). Naturally, this leads to – a modal development section, which is followed by a restatement of the melody and shout chorus. Naturally, this leads to – our polyrhythmic montuna riff and the high energy finish. While the parts are not technically demanding, some assembly and much rhythmic precision is required, but the results are definitely worth it! Trumpet range is to written high D.