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The Day Suite - movement 2

Grade 6      Contemporary      Composer:John Vander Gheynst      Price:$150 for all three Mvt’s, $60 for single Mvt.     

full version  

Winner of the 2005 Downbeat Magazine award for Best Extended Composition and a true Tour de Force for the entire ensemble in every sense of the term. Defining the Extensions Series, this work in three movements is a tone poem for jazz ensemble describing three different times of the day – Morning Rush Hour, with all its frenetic energy, Evening Song – the calm of the evening, and Heat of the Day, when the heat is inescapable. Listen to the mp3’s and enjoy.

Movement 3 can be performed apart from the first two as a standalone piece. If the entire suite is performed, all three Mvt’s are contiguous. The combined running time is approx. 31 minutes.