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Swimming With the Sharks

Grade 5      Samba      Composer:Paul Baker      Price:$55     

full version  

Swim at your own risk! This is a high energy samba that explores the undersea dominion of the shark. The melody is stated in the trumpets and altos with aggressive background figures setting the mood. As the trumpet solo unfolds the sharks gather, snapping at the soloist. After an acapella trombone montuna section, the same fate awaits the upcoming sax soli where the section grows ever more frantic before succumbing to their predators. An extended piano solo delivers the next victim before a frenzy breaks out during the shout section where everyone is swimming for their lives. A brief drum flourish finishes the chart, but not before the saxes offer their reminder that the sharks are still out there, lurking in the waters and waiting for their next victim. Trumpet range to written high D.